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New and Hoping to Learn Something New
Sep 22, 2018 20:57:03   #
Longlegs Loc: Modesto, Ca
I am a retired jack-of-all-trades (I prefer to call myself a Renaissance Man) . I have a lot of interests, most of which involve doing creative things which occupy my hands. I really like origami. I am somewhat picky about what I like and sometimes get frustrated when I can't find anything new that is attractive and not so far beyond my abilities that it becomes frustrating. I don't know anyone near where I live that shares my interest and am delighted to have found this site. I look forward to see what the group has to offer and never tired of sharing my own knowledge and experience. (Yes, I am a talkative old geezer.) See you around!

Sep 22, 2018 23:39:15   #
When following tutorials l go by the time it takes to make it. About 15 minutes is my limit at my age of 82. I used to do longer things but as l age it has to be a shorter time. Polygons are fun. I am an intermediate folder. I recommend Jeremy Schaeffer, websites like origami spirit are wonderful. So is jo. Yakishima. Sarah Adams, has retired but her archives pages are good. She was an excellent folder. My friend all aki has a lot of models to offer. Michael La Fosse is an excellent teacher. His book on butterflies is beautiful. Try Barnes & noble or books a million for books. Or origami usa as a resource.

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