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Trash Origami: Butterflies Out of Waste Paper
Aug 4, 2022 04:45:03   #
O1 Digest
The place that waste paper often finds a home is in the garbage bin which to an uncreative mind, is of absolutely no use. But wait, there is a constructive use to that trash. Why not opt to fold the paper rather than throw? You can reuse that crushed paper and along with some basic accessories, create enticing origami butterflies that can be used as a wall hanging to adorn your room decor, or you could pass it on to your little one and watch him excitedly add it to his origami collection.

Here's a YouTube link to create inventive origami butterflies out of trash paper. You can inculcate individual techniques and folds and create these paper models. So search your bins for some reusable paper and polish your origami skills.


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