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Origami Crane
Aug 4, 2022 04:45:04   #
O1 Digest
One of the most popular origami patterns is crane. It is not nearly as hard as a dragon, but it's also best suited for intermediate origami users. Beginners will struggle, and will probably not make it right even after numerous tries, although there are exceptions to every rule and it solely depends on our natural talent. It is not exceptionally hard to create though - for anyone with even a year of experience with origami, it's actually extremely easy, but we have to be careful with the folding here, if we want to keep the natural shape of the crane and make it able to maintain balance.

Cranes are made in all different colors and shades - there is not even a color one can recommend, it all depends on our vision and imagination. In contrast to other patterns, there aren't really many different ways, that we can build our crane in - some tutorials may vary depending on the authors style and preferences of course, but the final outcome is pretty much the same regardless of the applied technique.


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