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Origami Lampshade
Aug 4, 2022 04:45:04   #
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Creating your own origami lampshade isn't hard, but unfortunately a little time-consuming. Although, for those, that actually love origami, it's even more the reason to start doing it. The longer it takes, the more we usually enjoy it.

What will we need for this task? Firstly, we should prepare our colored paper. It's important to choose wisely here as obviously this is the color, that our lamp will be off. We shouldn't worry though - if we don't like the colour of our lampshade, we can always make another, and another. It's all fun!
Secondly, we should pick correct thickness of our paper between 100g/m2 to 200g/m2 - it really depends on our skills and the bulbs, that we are going to attach. If use paper, that is too thick, the light may not be able to go through lampshades entirely. It's best to just buy a few normal lamps, those that are pretty cheap and in case we don't like them, buy some that give a bit stronger light or rlower the thickness of our paper. It's all up to us here and depends solely on our preferences.

Putting the paper aside, we will also need some adhesive tape (best, if it's double-sided), some scissors, needle and thread - we should go for either a white one here or in a color, that will fit our lampshades. Again, it's up to our preferences, although it's a very important part, if we want our lampshades to look really good. We may pick our favorite paper colour, but if we go wrong with the color of thread we use, then it won't really look appealing.

Lastly, we will need a ruler, some markers or stickers - basically anything, that we want to use to decorate our lampshades. Decoration is also an important part, but it should be made once we actually make our lamp and we like what we have created so far. Decorations need to be done carefully though, as one wrong move may literally destroy our work and force us to create another one from the scratch. It's actually best to already have a vision of what we want to create before we start, but it's pretty hard to do if it's our first time building our creation.

And well, that's it. Please use the following video for guidance and assistance. It has been made really well and in as simple manner as possible.


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