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Origami Snowflake
Aug 5, 2022 04:45:05   #
O1 Digest
Origami Snowflakes are without a doubt an upper intermediate - advanced creations. There is a lot of detailing here, and it's definitely not easy to get it right at the first try, even if we already have a lot of experience with origami.

There is also not much room to make it different - sure, apart from a native, most popular white color, we can also make colorful snowflakes, but the very pattern stays pretty much the same. As long as we can make the detailing a little bit different, snowflake is a snowflake after all as it has a pretty homogeneous structure and there aren't many things we can change. Although, if we also follow other tutorials than the one attached here, we will quickly realize, that the way it is built can vary by a lot and is solely dependent on authors style and preferences.

It doesn't change the fact though, that there is no shortcut to create an astonishing origami snowflake. It's a pattern, that requires quite a bit of patience as there are many repeated steps and each of them is crucial for our snowflake to look as the one from the tutorial or the one we have imagined and are aiming to create.


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