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bizzy body
Nov 11, 2018 12:17:40   #
I am a retired apprentice electrician also from retail. I have been active with crafts since I was 2yrs of age. I create things for friends and family. The projects I try to create keeps me busy and out of my husband's hair( what little he has). I recycle the copper from the jobs we did and use it in my projects. If I am not busy then the house hold can be confusion. I also read to keep myself busy too.

Nov 12, 2018 04:27:09   #
Hi Annieree3, It's so much fun being able to use your talent to be able to make things to give away. I used to do the art shows to sell my artwork but I find it so much more rewarding to be able to share it. With origami people are always amazed, it's like magic.

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Introduce Yourself
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