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Introduce Yourself
Nov 12, 2018 05:53:30   #
Reasons why I am a Craftaholic
1. No one will sit in my chair for fear of being poked by a crochet hook, scissors or sewing needles
2. I own a great number of tools and power tools that are rarely used for their intended purpose .Power drill is used to drill holes through paper for book making. Wood burner is used to help age paper. Travel iron is used to set folds in paper. Travel steamer is used to block needle point. Dentist drill is used for egg crafting, ect.
3. I have dozens of people who call or e-mail me for patterns or instructions and I have never met them
4. I can’t throw away anything that might be usable in future project. Foil candy wrappers, small bits of fancy yarn, broken jewelry or scraps of paper, doll clothes, mosaic tiles, shells, driftwood. Also storage containers and things that promise to organize me are irresistible.
5. The most dangerous credit card I own is Home Depot where I can get lost for hours.
6. I own more rubber stamps and hole punches than cleaning products.I use them more often also.
7. If you ask to borrow a pen I have glitter, metallic, paint, felt,gel, calligraphy, Sharpie, and dual tip felt . All in several colors.However 24 hours notice is required for me to locate the one you need. To find a pen to write a check is a lost cause
8. If someone wants to borrow glue I have Elmers, Aileens Tacky, Aileens Thin Body, Aileens designer, Goop, E-6000, Super glue, Super glue gel, glue sticks, hot glue, epoxy, Wood glue, mosaic glue , silicone glue, loktight, paste , glass bead glue , mosaic glue, Gorilla glue, glue dots and spray adhesive, both permanent and repositionable. However, once again 24 hour notice is required.
9.If they want tape I have duct tape, scotch tape, electric tape, double stick tape, velum tape, packing tape, repositionable tape and carpet tape. See 24 hour rule.
10.I am always surprised when I go to someones house and do not find a craft room or see that their closets are not used to hold boxes of excess craft supplies.
11. I have unfinished projects dating back 30 years. I promise myself I will finish these someday, but someday I just seem to be accumulating more projects.
12. Friends are always asking if I made it. Jewelry, clothes, clock, furniture. Whatever. I am always trying to convert non-crafters into the craft world so they will understand the compulsion to collect stuff and understand the clutter if they come to visit
13. Ordinary things trigger craft ideas and send me off on tangents that involve all new supplies and unfinished projects. Paint stirrers evolve into wooden patchwork wall quilts. A broken plate become a mosaic coffee table top. A trip to the beach becomes shell covered boxes and sand art candles and pictures. Broken clocks and appliance supply interesting pieces for paper crafting and mosaic projects. Friends treat me like a Quiz show asking “What can we make out of this?”
14. Time loses meaning while I’m working on a project often surfacing after several hours have passed and I am so stiff I have to hobble to my feet to get mobile again.
15. I have thousands of craft books some dating back 40 years. The supplies might not be available anymore but I can never part with them and spend hours “organizing “ them and get lost looking through them when searching for a pattern which I can’t find until I’m looking for a different pattern.
16.While I may have hundreds of pens, tapes, glues and hundreds of skeins of yarn and enough decorative paper to stock a small craft store, I never have the right one or can find it when I need it. This means another trip to the supply store. There I buy two of whatever so I will have it next time I need it.. However it migrates to where the one I needed in the first place is so now I have three and then they disappear into the depths of the supply closet so next time I will need to buy it again.. Did I mention that I am a sucker for projects and books that promise to organize me? They are in there somewhere also.
17. Vacations are planned around craft shows and trips to new craft stores. I worked at a Michaels Craft store and consider it my moral obligation to check out all of our competitors and the other Michaels in any place I visit. Family knows that if I come to see them they should have a list of and maps to any interesting craft stores in the area. A stop at one of these craft stores usually involve me talking to total strangers and collecting e-mail and phone numbers from people who need a pattern. At any time at least 5 people have borrowed copies of my craft books in their possession and I don’t know their last name
18. The final sign is that my sons have all asked not to be included in my will because they don’t want to be responsible for dealing with my craft room However, there are hundreds of people who will have a great time at my estate sale

Nov 12, 2018 13:45:48   #
I know the feeling...........I think we are in the same boat which will probably capsize soon from the weight of all our supplies!

Nov 19, 2018 11:55:35   #
I absolutely love it. You are a true craft junkie. It is beautiful! I would be glad to share my "hoard" of stuff if I knew you. Thanks, Merry

Nov 19, 2018 13:20:06   #
Kimberly S Rohret
Thats me too. Hello my name is kimberly, i too have enjoyed crafting, my boyfriend goes crazy because i want this an that with unfinished projects. My grandkids love it when they come to visit there is always something fun to do. Not much room to store things but we have fun anyways. Thank you for listening. Kimberly

Nov 19, 2018 13:21:49   #
Kimberly S Rohret
I might add my boyfriend is quite handy with projects only he finishes his projects.

Nov 26, 2018 05:10:28   #
Thank you for this. My name Linda and now I know I am a Craftaholic. This makes me smile.

Jan 2, 2019 18:39:35   #
You described me ! I save everything, my basement is full to the ceiling but I know where everything is. You're right if someone needs something I say don't buy it, I have it ! Sometimes it does take 24hrs to locate it. I try to use the supplies I already have, but there is always a new and cute item I have to buy : ) Thank you for sharing your life !

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