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Origami House
Nov 22, 2022 04:45:03   #
O1 Digest
House is a perfect pattern for kids and all people just starting out with origami. Not only it is pretty simple to make, but also extremely fun and allows us to implement all kind of decorations accordingly to our liking. It also heavily focuses on the basics, hence it's one of those "must-do" tutorials before we can move to slightly more advanced patterns.

Kids especially like this one because they can then freely color it - it will actually be a good idea to give our children a white, plain paper, so they will be more motivated to color it and in result may consider origami more fun.

If we want to get a little bit more advanced, we can also scale up the size of our house and switch to animals, humans or all sort of other creations. Some people have even created pretty big houses, in which they have stored all kind of origami creations - boxes, lamps and various decorations.

As we see - there is plenty of uses for origami houses, we can freely decorate and color it, we can then create other origami patterns (humans, animals, various items) or host a family inside of it for example. It may be an especially good idea to get our kids interested in origami as not only they can make an origami house just as they want, but also create their own image of family or various animals.


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