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Have Fun With Origami Flying Flicker
Nov 24, 2022 04:45:03   #
O1 Digest
We all must have played with a flying flicker during our days of school. Whether it was to annoy a friend or win the longest flyer challenge in the classroom, flying flickers have definitely contributed in creating priceless memories for us. So why not take a walk down the memory lane and reminisce those moments by creating an origami flying flicker. It doesn't require any complex techniques; still, there are certain folds that have to be specifically executed in order to get that perfectly accelerating flicker. Go through this link that teaches some simple steps to make an ultimate flying flicker that can be launched from a pencil or a straw as a spinning dart. And by giving ample inflation to this design; it can also be used as a 3D arrowhead dragon tail.


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