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Hello and Help :)
Dec 2, 2018 00:26:05   #
Hi, I am a very accomplished wanna be crafter...but a not so actual one. I have many many many projects that i see and would like to do, but I get lost in confusing directions as i am very much a hands on learner. I would like to make a present for a friend and saw some "folded books" and fell in love.
If anyone is so inclined to be uber patient and uber literal w/ directions, I would Love to learn how to do this.
I would need over simplified steps and a patient person. If anyone is up for the challenge I would greatly appreciate your help!

Thanks! Lorie

Dec 2, 2018 06:32:00   #
Hello, do you mean folding the pages of an existing book into a shape or making a little origami book? Either way you will find both types on YouTube. I think at one time I saw existing books on line and in my local book store that had the pages marked so you could fold each one where indicated and you would end up with a design. Good luck.

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