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Aug 12, 2018 21:36:51   #
Hi everyone. I lived in Japan from 2000-2003 and hosted exchange students in the US until 2012 in Montana. My origami paper in the past was from Japan and gifted to me over the years. For the past 5-6 years my been focus switched to sewing but I never lost the enjoyment of making, gifting and receiving origami.

I have gone through all my one sided Japanese paper which was a dream to work with. I am not sure what I should be looking for to replace it. I am overwhelmed here with how much paper is now available in the US.
Does anyone have any suggestions of where to order paper online or what brand? I read reviews and they are all over the board. I am looking for 6 inch paper in traditional japenses designs and colors. I do have one art store but it's a good drive from me so I haven't checked out yet and don't know what they carry.

Thank you for letting me join. I am quite impressed with the quality of tutorials available now compared to 15 years ago!

Sep 10, 2018 14:08:17   #
Have you checked with the store on the ORIGAMI USA site? If you Google images of origami paper it will show lots of places to choose from. I have made quite a bit of paper by using fabric on my photo copier. It is 20# weight I believe but I am going to look for a slightly lighter weight. Copying the different fabrics gives me printed paper that no one else has. I have had good luck and service with ordering paper from both Ebay and Amazon. It's just so hard to wait until it arrives. I also ordered prints that are downloaded and then you can print them whenever you like. Good luck and if I can help let me know. Margaret

Sep 10, 2018 14:24:03   #
Thanks. I did find something to work on Amazon and found the origamiusa.org site. Fantastic!!

Sep 30, 2018 13:30:52   #
I would also suggest paperjade.com - they have a great selection, and are very nice people to work with. I asked one time about a specific kind of paper. They didn’t have it at the time, but they found some from Japan and sold me the quantity that I needed. Orders will frequently ship within a couple hours of being submitted.

Note: I have no affiliation with the site - just a very satisfied customer.

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